Wood Window Landscape Fabric Shower Curtain

Wood Window Landscape Fabric Shower Curtain

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Main Features:
u2022The shower curtain letting you enjoy showering hour and keeping a private space;
u2022High Reliability, long lift-span, moistureproof and good resistance to causticity;
u2022Preventing water splashing outside of the shower and keeping the bath clean;
u2022Environment friendly and non-toxic, no harm to your family;
u2022Convenient to pull back;
u2022Three sizes of bath curtains, you can choose at will.

Bath curtain maintenance:
The mildew on the curtain, because of the shower gel or shampoo residue in the above, general regular shower curtain have mouldproof processing,
but also should pay attention to maintenance, take a bit of time use shower head to clean, or wipe the water on the shower curtain.
In the daytime, when not use can open shower curtain, keep the bathroom ventilation.
A month or so with a soft brush dip neutral soap or soft cloth to wipe, do not machine wash or hand wash(scrub).

Products Type: Shower Curtains
Materials: Polyester
Pattern: Scenic
Style: Vintage
Number of Hook Holes: W59 inch*L71 inch: 10; W71 inch*L71 inch: 12; W71 inch*L79 inch: 12
Package Contents: 1 x Shower Curtain 1 x Hooksuff08Set )

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